Green Tara Seichim
This system is similar to Seichim Reiki with the addition of special Tara symbols, as well as of chants and mantras and prayers to Green Tara. The energy of Green Tara is similar in feel to Isis Seichim but much more relaxing. It brings peace, harmony and balance.

Green Tara Seichim developed as an additional energy empowerment and booster for master practitioners and master teachers of Reiki. It was created by Stephen Comee, a ngakpa (lay ordained practitioner) in the Nyingma Tradition living in Japan. He fused the teachings on Tara he had received from great Tibetan Masters to create a new system which could be used to improve one's spiritual practice or to increase healing abilities.

Seichim healing practice is becoming known in all cultures throughout the world. It has a built-in spiritual dimension. Seichim is a unity concept, because it is now accepted globally. Seichim teaches unity and harmony. Seichim is in harmony with nature and can be used to heal plants and trees, people and animals, and can even be used to help purify and harmonize water and air.

The practice of Green Tara helps to overcome fear and anxiety, devotees believe that she can grant wishes, eliminate suffering of all kinds, and bring happiness.

Through practicing Tara, we can obtain the following benefits:

We can create a great deal of merit
We can avoid a suffering rebirth in the next life
We can quickly attain Enlightenment
We receive initiation from millions of Buddhas
All our wishes can be fulfilled, e.g. it can help us with our health,business, getting a job, having a child, etc.
It protects us from fear and dangers


The Course Outline

What Is Green Tara Seichim
What Is Seichim
Ancient Origins
Seichim and Buddhism
Origin of the Cult of Tara
Her Name
More Than One Tara The Two Wives
Green Tara Relation to Amitabha
White Tara
About the Tara Mantras
Who Is Tara and Why Do We Pray to Her
The Origin of Tara
Why Do We Need to Practice Tara
The Benefits of Tara Practice
Green Tara and the Twenty-One Taras
The Symbolism of Green Tara
The Twenty-One Taras
The Mantra of Tara
Green Tara Heart Exercise
The Popular Mantras of Some Forms of Tara
Other Popular Forms of Tara
Kurukulle (Wrathful Red/Black Tara)
Norgyun (Peaceful Yellow Tara)
Marici (Peaceful Red/Yellow Tara)
Red Tara (Peaceful Red Tara)
The Process of Using Green Tara Seichim
4 Tibetan Symbols to Use with the Green Tara Healing Energy
Self-Empowerment Method
Method of Green Tara Empowerment
Tibetan Empowerment Method
Prerequisite: You must be a Usui Reiki Master to receive the Green Tara Seichim Master Attunement. After the attunement and study of the symbols you may Attune others to the Green Tara Seichim energy.

Lineage: Stephen Comee →Yu-Chien Wang